As the nights are getting hotter, you may have more difficulty falling off to sleep. Many find long hours of air conditioning uncomfortable, but switching it off may not be the best alternative, especially if you don’t have a fan. Sometimes, other factors could be responsible for your nocturnal restlessness. The state of your bedroom could be as big a factor as the state of your mind. Here are a few tips from retail sleep industry specialists at Slumberbox to help you snooze longer.

Soothing Scents

Mood elevating scents can do wonders to help you drift off to dreamland. There are many diffusers available these days with a wide choice of aroma essential oil selections from rose to citrus, jasmine to lemongrass. Sniff one that calms your mind before you hit the bed. Spritz lavender or lemongrass water on your pillows if you don’t like diffusers. You could even use lavender scented moisturizers or creams on your hands, face, and neck.

Beautiful Bedding

It helps to pick the right bedding for your bedroom. Ditch the shiny red satin sheets, they only look good in the movies. Use silky, natural tree-fibre sheets in soft, neutral shades with a hypoallergenic down comforter. Surround yourself with pillows and perhaps a soft cashmere throw. A little luxury always helps in sleeping easier for longer.

Soft Colours

Colours play a big part in soothing the eyes and mind, calm down your racing mind and take you straight to transcendental bliss. Repaint the walls to muted shades if they are too bright. Ditch the night light, close the drapes. Even streetlights or car headlights flashing through your window can wake you up. Experts say that dark inhibits the brain’s biological clock and tells the brains to sleep; follow that order.

Temperature Control

It is imperative for the body to be comfortable to take a trip to dreamland. Sudden temperature changes or excessive heat can stop the journey in no time. Take a warm bath or shower before you get under the covers. It will cool you down and help you sleep better. If it’s cold, snuggle into warm, cozy blankets. If you wake up sweaty, bring down the AC temperature or switch on a bedside fan.

Deep Tissue Massage

When nothing works, a massage always does. It eases the neurohormones that prevent you from sleeping, soothes tired muscles, a stressed-out mind, and literally puts you to sleep. A deep tissue massage with aromatherapy oil works magic. If you can’t afford one, ask your partner to give you one.

Premium Mattress

Good mattresses can destress and put you to sleep just as uncomfortable ones can disturb your sleep or jolt you up. Invest in one that provides firm support, is made of cooling natural materials and is motion-resistant so you can sleep undisturbed even if your partner is tossing and turning.

Slumberbox Dual Comfort

Slumberbox Dual Comfort is a premium soy based dual comfort mattress with a medium firm sleeping surface, designed to provide you with full comfort, even if you have spinal aches and pains from old age or ill health. Made with environmentally sustainable materials, we offer free delivery and free bamboo mattress protector. Shop online or visit our store to find out more.