Sleep is a critical part to maintain good health. Just like how you eat healthily and exercise to stay in good help, you need to get a proper amount of sleep each night to stay at optimal health. The problem is, that even with our greater understanding of the importance of sleep than ever before we, as a society, are getting less sleep and more inferior quality of sleep than ever before. We should be living our lives in an 8-8-8 pattern. Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, eight hours of leisure. The reality is that this does not happen very often, if at all. Here are six reasons why you need to start getting a good night’s sleep.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

People who do not get enough sleep or enough quality sleep have a significantly increased chance of being overweight or obese. It is one of the most influential risk factors for obesity. Good sleepers also tend to eat fewer calories during the day. This is because sleep deprivation disrupts appetite hormones and appetite regulation.

Better Athletic Performance

Sleep can improve speed, accuracy, mental wellbeing, and reaction time. All of these things are part of an improved athletic performance. Less sleep, however, does the exact opposite and can cause you to have lowered grip strength, difficulty performing activities, and even a slower walking pace.

Mental Health

Having a poor sleep schedule can actually affect your mental health, especially mood disorders such as depression. People who have sleep disorders, such as insomnia, and sleep apnea, also have higher rates of depression than those who do not suffer from sleep disorders.


Having a bad sleep routine can also lead to inflammation in the body. Sleep loss, in fact, activates markers of inflammation and cell damage. It is also linked to long-term, damaging inflammation of the digestive system like inflammatory bowel disease.

Greater Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Those who do not get enough sleep are at risk of suffering from heart attack and stroke. This is specifically short sleepers in comparison to people who get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

Glucose Metabolism and Type 2 Diabetes

In studies on sleep in healthy, young men, if they are restricted to sleeping only four hours a night for six nights in a row, they start to show symptoms of prediabetes. Once they got a week’s worth of good sleep, though, the issue resolved itself. Sleep has a huge effect on the sugar production in the body and can affect health dramatically.

A Mattress Makes All The Difference

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