Restless mind? Can’t get your thoughts to shut down? This is more common than you know. Racing thoughts can be a health hazard if they become a frequent occurrence. Here are a few ways to switch it off, get bored, and help you doze off sleep.


For some, meditation helps to stay alert. For others, it’s a sure shot formula to fall off to sleep. Focus on the point between your eyebrows with your eyes closed and chant a mantra or numbers. If numbers don’t interest you and a mantra doesn’t come to mind, simply visualize a blue light until you are relaxed and fall off to sleep.

Count Sheep

It’s one thing to have your mind scattered in several directions. It’s another to distract it. While they both sound the same, there is a big difference. One can stop you from sleeping. The other can get you unwinding and drift off to dreamland. The trick is to focus on all things unimportant. Counting sheep has helped many “insomniacs.” Stare at the ceiling and count sheep. If that wears you out, close your eyes, imagine sheep grazing around and count them until you fall asleep.

Deep Breathing

Try deep breathing. It is a powerful technique that distracts you from the outside world, helps you focus on the present moment, calms down raging hormones and coaxes you into a deep state of rest. Inhale deeply, lying on your back, arms by your side, palms facing up. Exhale deeply. Repeat for ten minutes. If your mind wanders off, bring it back to your breath smoothly, without forcing yourself. If you can’t sleep still, your nasal passages will at least be clear so you may not snore when you finally snooze.


Try to workout in the morning for a restful sleep at night. If you skipped your morning run, leave the bed and go for a night walk. A bit of fresh air with the moon for the company can do your mind and soul a lot of good. Once you are calm and blissful, sleep might visit you more easily.

Floral Scents

Soothing floral scents can do wonders to calm down a restless mind. You can try rose or jasmine scented aroma oil diffusers in the room or simply arrange a vase of fresh roses in your bedroom to titillate your olfactory glands. If you don’t, imagine you’re in a garden and walk around aimlessly till you drift off.

Stay off the Phone

Don’t keep checking your Facebook messages or Instagram pictures when you find it tough to fall off to sleep. They will keep you awake the whole night. You could perhaps try chatting with a friend who always helps you keep your mind at ease. Or switch off from social media and listen to some soothing music from Spotify. Or read this blog ten times, maybe twenty.

Stay Awake

If attempting to sleep isn’t letting you sleep, try to stay awake. Focus on one point in the room and stare until your eyelids lose interest.

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