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About Slumberbox

The Slumberbox Mattress Company was created to supply an alternative to the single-sided, single feel mattresses being offered by the other “box mattress” retailers, both online and in store.

Our owners, with over 30 years’ experience each in both the retail sleep industry and business management, have created Slumberbox to serve the needs of all Canadians – young and old – thru its unique 2-sided mattress.

When our Slumberbox Mattresses arrives at your door, you will know that you are receiving a quality Canadian – made product, designed to last and give you the comfort you deserve.

Ken Lee
Business Partner

During my 30 plus years in the retail mattress business, I realized that the toughest decision for a customer to make was the comfort level they wanted in a new mattress. Over that time it became obvious that while retail stores offer many different looking mattresses, the vast majority of consumers chose either a medium firm mattress or a plush mattress when they make their buying decision. So, when we decided to offer the Slumberbox mattress to the public, we designed it to be the best of both worlds, one sleeping surface – medium firm – turn it over and you have an entire sleeping surface that is Plush. Now you can buy with confidence that no matter what your sleeping preference – You will get it with a Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress.

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