Are you one of the thousands of North Americans who needs a sugar boost before bedtime? Chocolates, doughnuts or a bowl of sinfully delicious ice cream can leave you with a smile before you sleep but certainly not through the night or when you wake up. Bedtime snacks come with their own pitfalls. A sugar-rich diet before bedtime is stored as fat and interferes with the quality of sleep. Scientists say that the more sugar you consume during the day, the more you will be waking through the night, leaving you exhausted the next day. There are several reasons behind that.

Sweet Dreams Cease with a Sweet Sugar-Rich Diet

A diet high in sugar reduces the activity of orexin cells making you drowsy. This is the reason why you may feel heavy and lethargic after an indulgent afternoon meal. Refined sugar is the biggest culprit. It can spike up your blood sugar level beyond normal.

Refined sugars are hidden in sweet drinks, sodas and desserts. It is also hidden in artificially sweetened fruit juices and unexpected foods such as barbecue sauce, spaghetti sauce and simple carbs such as white rice, white flour, white bread, and pasta. Replace them with complex carbs such as whole grains, brown rice and brown bread to improve not just the nutritional value of your meal but also the quality of your sleep.

How Sugar Keeps You Up at Night

Scientists say that an unrestricted diet high in sugar has high levels of glucose that inhibit a peptide called orexin that keeps us alert. Orexin, also known as hypocretin, is a neurotransmitter that is produced in the brain. It regulates appetite, alertness, and sleep. Those who suffer from narcolepsy (a condition characterized by a tendency to fall off to sleep in relaxing surroundings) have orexin missing in their hormone.

The lesser orexin we have in our system, the more exhausted and hungry we tend to feel. However, consuming proteins with sugar could limit the effects to a degree. Consequently, an unrelaxed state of mind leads to an unrelaxed state of sleep. Poor sleep, in turn, affects sugar consumption. We eat more junk which disrupts our digestion and sleep habits. It’s a vicious cycle. Simply put, high orexin leads to wakefulness while low orexin causes drowsiness.

The keys to good sleep are healthy lifestyle habits and comfortable sleeping arrangements. Healthy sugar intake, drinking enough water and nutritious foods lead to a rested mind and better sleep habits. Keep your children away from sugar before bedtime too. It increases hyperactivity and disturbed sleep through the night.

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