Why Should I Buy A
Slumberbox Mattress?

Are you Ready For a Great Night’s Sleep?

Why Should I Buy A
Slumberbox Mattress?

Are you Ready For a Great Night’s Sleep?

All Slumberbox Mattresses are Environmentally Sustainable

All Slumberbox Mattresses are Made From Soy Based Foams
– NO C.F.C.’s
– NO Off Gasing (You can sleep on your New Slumberbox Mattress the night you get it)

All Slumberbox Mattresses have a Sleeping Surface of Certipur Certified Breezy Foam:
– Creates Free Air Flow
– Feels like you are sleeping on Air while still getting the support you need
– Relieves Pressure Points that cause Tossing and Turning
– Absorbs Motion Transfer

All Slumberbox Mattresses Come with:
– Free Delivery To Your Door
– Free Bamboo Waterproof and Breathable Mattress Cover (To Protect Your Manufacturers Warranty)

All Slumberbox Mattresses Come with a 100 Night Comfort Guarantee

All Slumberbox Mattresses are Manufactured on Your Order and are Shipped to you Fresh in 3-5 Business Days.
– Made in Canada – Not Shipped from Off Shore or Warehoused for Months at a Time.

All Slumberbox Mattresses are 15% to 20% Heavier than our similarly priced Competitors
– More Weight – Means Longer Life

All Slumberbox Mattresses are easily Transportable in their Original Carton
– Great for Students or getting New Mattresses to your Summer Home or Cottage.

All Slumberbox Mattresses are available in Twin Extra long as well as Standard Sizes
– Perfect For an Adjustable (Electric) Bed or a Tall Teenager

Why Should I Buy A Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress?

A Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress has 2 completely different sleeping surfaces for you to enjoy.

One Side has a Premium Medium Firm Feel

Flip the Mattress Over

This side has a Luxurious Plush Feel

Made for Any Body Type

You know how hard it can be to pick out the right mattress. The Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress has taken the worry out of shopping by delivering to you a Mattress with 2 distinctive feels.

Over Time we all have changes in our Mattress support needs.

With a Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress, you won’t need to buy another mattress.

If your health or physical ailments require you to change your comfort level, just turn Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress over and you can get back to sleeping Great Again.

Ready for bed?

With a 100 Night Comfort Mattress.
Made in Canada and Delivered to your door for Free!