There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning after a long, peaceful night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many people don’t have that same luxury, as sleep deprivation is a common problem in modern society. Sleep deprivation results from a severe lack of sleep, getting less than the required amount in your age bracket. Seven to nine hours for adults 18 and older. The older you get, the more resistant you are to the effects of sleep deprivation, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune. Having a good sleep routine is necessary to stay alert and feeling motivated throughout your day.

No Sleep?

A lack of sleep, especially over long periods of time, can lead to many problems, from mild fatigue to depression. Sleep deprivation also disrupts focus, affects the brain’s ability to handle emotions and reasoning, allows for poor job performance and possible obesity.

Your body needs sleep to function properly. Without it, your body doesn’t have the time it needs to restore your system, leaving you susceptible to many health problems. A lack of sleep leaves your immune system weakened, increasing your risk of catching a cold your body isn’t prepared to fight off. An increase in appetite is another hint that you may not be getting enough sleep. The hormones that control feelings of hunger and fullness are affected, meaning that an imbalance of these hormones can result in weight gain. Lack of sleep can also cause a release of insulin, which will increase your fat storage. This will put you at higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

In some cases, the side effects of sleep deprivation are symptoms of a sleep disorder or other health problems that have yet to be diagnosed. These side effects include yawning, moodiness/irritability, fatigue, forgetfulness, depressed mood, lack of motivations, increased appetite and reduced sex drive.

What You Can Do

Professional treatment options are only available to people who physically can’t sleep as a result of physical or psychological difficulties. Various forms of cognitive behavioural treatments are available, ranging from relaxing the body and mind through yoga or meditation to speaking to a sleep therapist to alter the way you think about sleeping. There is even medication to aid in bettering your sleeping experience if your body is unable to relax through willpower alone.

But that doesn’t mean others are experiencing sleep deprivation are left to fend for themselves. Practicing good sleep hygiene is important when wanting to improve your nightly slumber. It’s a practice you can do on your own to reverse your problem, interweaving simple habits into your everyday life. Habits like going to bed when you’re tired, avoiding food two to three hours before bedtime, exercising during the day and keeping your room quiet and completely dark at night.

Making sure you have a mattress that’s comfortable and supportive is an affecting way to ensure a good night’s rest. Foam mattresses are great for supporting a tired body while also making the person feel cradled and safe during the night. Boxed mattresses have become a popular way of obtaining a high-quality mattress that’s delivered right to your door.

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