There is no rule of thumb for the perfect sleeping style, but there is one for mattresses. An inferior quality mattress makes it hard to stay in dreamland, as hard as you try. You toss and turn and in all probability, wake up with a sore back if you’ve settled for something less than premium. Finding the right sleeping position is as crucial to uninterrupted sleep as finding the right mattress for your regular sleeping position. So how do you sleep? On your back, on your side, on your stomach, curled up in a fetus position or roll all over the bed? Slumberbox sheds light on the different mattresses and which one fits you best.

Myths About Mattresses

Some say that side sleepers need a softer mattress than those who sleep on their back. This is not true. What you need is firm but comfortable support for your spine. No one sleeps in one position through the night. Whatever mattress you pick, make sure it is the right size for your bed, durability and has the density to carry your weight without getting damaged. Here’s more:

Mattress Types

  1. Latex: Latex is made from foam that is harvested from a tree. After the excess water is drained off, the residue is what we call latex. What makes latex valued is that there is no odour like memory foam products. It is cooling, has bounce and provides firm support. Latex mattresses come in two types; natural and synthetic. Natural is environmentally friendly but also more expensive. Synthetic is used by mixing synthetic polymers with natural tree sap which is less expensive but healthy
  2. Memory Foam: First designed by the NSA in the 1970’s as a safety cushion to protect pilots and passengers from air crashes, memory foam is a popular choice with most because of its cushioning comfort. It contours to the body shape but regains its smooth surface when the person leaves the bed. You can jump on it with a glass of wine in hand but the liquid doesn’t spill because the impact does not spread to other parts of the mattress. This feature applies to partners on the bed who do not get disturbed even if you are tossing and turning. On the flipside, memory foam retains heat, unlike latex.
  3. Hybrid Mattress: The hybrid combines the firm support of spring with the lack of motion transfer feature of memory foam. It is cooling and provides a good bounce. This naturally reflects in its pricing. Hybrid mattress cost considerably more but if you look at it as an investment in good health, it gives you many reasons to consider one.
  4. Waterbeds: If you want something fun or are looking for a mattress to lessen a backache and arthritis, you may want to consider the waterbed mattress.

Whatever mattress you choose, make sure your body doesn’t sink into the softness. If it doesn’t support your back, your mattress may not be good for you.

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