Here is the good news you’ve always been waiting for; you can lose weight in your sleep too. Follow these tips below to see how.

Shake Before you Sleep

Don’t start jumping now. That’s not what we mean. Protein shakes are what we are talking about. Researchers in Florida State University have discovered that about 30 gms of protein before bedtime makes you burn more calories when you hit the bed. Calories burn while you rest too but the amount is far fewer. A protein-fix before you snooze off to dreamland helps you burn more calories, aids muscle repair through the night and builds more muscle mass. How’s that for starters?

Sleep in the Dark

Exposure to the tiniest flicker of light at night can disrupt your sleep. Instead, consider blackout curtains or thick drapes that won’t invite moonlight. Put away glowing clocks in the drawer; remove TV plugs from the socket so there is no flicker of light to keep you from snoring in peace. Once you lie down in total darkness, your body produces the hormone called melatonin that lulls you to sleep and helps produce calorie-burning brown fat. These are not our words but the verdict in a study published by the Journal of Pineal Research.

Cooler Rooms

Turn down the thermostat temperature and bring out thicker blankets. Cooler rooms are said to help you burn 7% more calories while you sleep than those who snooze in warmer rooms. This is because the body works harder to raise and regulate core temperature. If 7% doesn’t sound too much, remember that it means burning an extra 100 calories over 24 hours.

Cottage Cheese for Dinner

You may have heard that eating before you sleep makes you pack on the pounds. But really, a lot depends on what you eat. Going hungry before sleeping can push you to binge eat at breakfast. Have a small snack instead such as cottage cheese. It is rich in casein protein that helps you lose weight. Casein takes about six to eight hours to break down, keeping your metabolism up and running through the night so you wake up active and alert next morning, not yearning for food. Casein boosts overnight protein synthesis that repairs worn muscles and burns calories. Cottage cheese is also packed with amino acid tryptophan that helps you sleep better until the wee hours.

Resistance Training

A few workouts before you drop off to sleep boosts metabolism and helps you burn calories through the night. Resistance training is one of them. The International Journal of Sports Nutrition reported that those who performed resistant exercises had higher resting metabolic rates after an average of 16 hours post-workout. You don’t need to go overboard to do so. Simple weight lifting routine will do the job. Follow it up with a casein shake, darken the room, turn down the thermostat and pull up an extra blanket when you lie on the bed. For the best quality sleep, please make sure the mattress is from Slumberbox.

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