When it comes time to buy a new mattress, there are more choices available than ever before. Two of your main options, though, are deciding between a foam mattress and a coiled metal spring mattress. Everyone has different preferences for sleep and how firm their mattress is and depending on these factors a traditional innerspring or memory foam mattress will serve you better. Here are the key differences between the two so that you can figure out which mattress to invest your money in.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a high-density polyurethane foam. It responds to the head and pressure that your body exerts onto it and then “moulds” itself around you to support you fully while remaining soft. While most memory foam mattresses are made entirely out of foam, all of that foam is not memory foam, but rather a support core with a top layer of memory foam. If the entire mattress is made of memory foam than you will sink into it and not be able to get back out. It would not be an enjoyable sleeping experience. Memory foam is excellent for people with joint pain and back pain.


Innerspring mattresses have a core of steel coils that give the bed support and shape. The coils are topped with padding and sometimes even foam or memory foam. Innersprings come in two varieties. Either they are spring coils which are many springs held together with wiring so that they move as a unit, or they are pocket coils which are coils individually packaged in fabric, the fabric then being attached to other coils. Pocket coils do a better job of limiting movement on the bed and are superior for sharing a bed with a partner. Pocket coils are better at alleviating pressure points as well.

The Deciding Factors

There are four main issues the average sleeper has when it comes to picking out a bed: springiness, heat or temperature control, if they share a bed, and if they have back pain or orthopedic conditions.
If you like your mattress springy, then you should go with a coil mattress. If you like your mattress plusher and like a hug then you want to go with a foam mattress, which you will sink down into.

When it comes to temperature control and keeping cool, then a coil mattress is better, as it has superior breathability. A foam mattress, however, is excellent for sleeping hot. For some people, sleeping hot is more comfortable if they have circulation issues or if they prefer to be cozy at night or live somewhere where it is cold.

For those who share their bed with a partner, foam mattresses are superior for not disturbing one another in the night. If either of you is a light sleeper than a foam mattress is a way to go.
For anyone with back pain or orthopedic conditions, memory foam is a superior mattress choice. A memory foam mattress offers gentle support and helps hold your body in a more appropriate position.

Buy Boxed

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