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The Slumberbox Mattress Company will not sell or otherwise disseminate the personal information of any customer purchasing any product from except for our own use. Your customer information will only be used for the purposes of concluding this sale and advising you of product and warranty issues should they occur as well as notifying you of future promotions and product additions.

Why Should I Buy A Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress?

A Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress has 2 completely different sleeping surfaces for you to enjoy.

One Side has a Premium Medium Firm Feel

Flip the Mattress Over

This side has a Luxurious Plush Feel

You know how hard it can be to pick out the right mattress. The Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress has taken the worry out of shopping by delivering to you a Mattress with 2 distinctive feels.

Over Time we all have changes in our Mattress support needs.

With a Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress, you won’t need to buy another mattress.

If your health or physical ailments require you to change your comfort level, just turn Slumberbox Dual Comfort Mattress over and you can get back to sleeping Great Again.