Our double sized foam mattress, or full sized foam mattress, is an affordable two-person sleeping solution that still has the same luxurious feel as our king and queen mattresses. There are so many positives to purchasing a slumberbox foam mattress over any of our competition. We are 100% Canadian, our mattresses made in Canada and shipped to you through a Canadian courier.

On top of that, our mattresses are 15% to 20% heavier than the mattresses our competition sells. The double mattress, for instance, is 70 lbs. This means that, because of its heavier status, the mattress will last longer than the competition and serve you better over the years.

The longevity of the full-sized foam mattress is not the only thing that sets it apart; slumberbox mattresses constructed from soy-based foam products and not petroleum-based ones. So while you may end up with a “new product” smell for a couple of days after unpacking your mattress, there will be no off-gassing. Being made of only good things, with no formaldehyde, ozone depleters, latex, phthalates, or heavy metals, slumberbox double mattresses are entirely safe.

Just think of the fact that you spend a third of your life laying down, sleeping on your mattress – you want it to be safe and free from dangerous chemicals. You will fall in love with our dual-sided mattress, with one medium-firm side and one plush side. Place your order today, and it will ship in 3-5 days!

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