A queen-size foam mattress is perfect for guest rooms or condo bedrooms that are challenged for space. It is large enough to provide a good night’s sleep, yet compact enough to fit into a spare bedroom.

At Slumberbox, we offer several options in the queen-sized foam mattress category, each of which contours to individual shapes and needs. They are made of impact-resistant, allergy-free, eco-friendly soy-based products that allow the sleeper to turn over without disturbing the person on the other side of the bed.

A guest room mattress needs to be selected with care. It has to be suitable for different people, from restless children to weary adults to seniors with back problems or joint pains. The wrong mattress can inconvenience the sleeper, even cause back or neck pains the next morning. Without proper rest, guests will be unable to continue on their journey with ease.

Queen-size foam mattresses at Slumberbox are available in several varieties that offer firm support to every part of the body. They offer luxurious comfort, look elegant and distribute weight evenly. Browse through our online selection or visit our store to decide the level of firmness best suited for your needs.

The Slumberbox queen-size foam mattress is offered with a 10-year warranty. Orders can be shipped to all parts of Canada for free.

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