Good sleep starts with a good mattress. Twin size foam mattresses are designed to meet deep relaxation needs. We have replaced polyurethane, a springy plastic commonly found in foam mattresses to increase density, softness with eco-friendly, allergy-free soy-based ingredients. Exposure to polyurethane is known to cause respiratory and breathing problems, skin and eye irritations.

Foam cushions were initially designed for astronauts by NASA to make their journey to space more comfortable. It is pressure absorbent to reduce impact while landing and taking off.

The foam mattress has since then come a long way. Our twin mattresses are perfect for reducing back pain, spinal or muscular disorders and orthopedic diseases. They offer comfort even as they provide firm support to relax the muscles.

Ideal for youngsters and teenagers who have a tough time falling off to sleep, the twin foam mattress at Slumberbox are high quality, affordable and available in several varieties. Browse through our online selection or visit our online store to check out the full range.

All Slumberbox Mattresses are made from soy-based foams that come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 100-night comfort guarantee. We also offer free shipping for orders within Canada.

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