Terms & Conditions

All Slumberbox Mattresses come with a 100 night Comfort Guarantee and a 10-year Manufacturers Warranty. This Guarantee and Warranty apply only to the original Purchaser and are not Transferrable. Any returns require Proof of Purchase.

NOTE: Mattresses ordered in the wrong size will be exchanged subject to a 15% restocking charge plus appropriate shipping costs provided that the Mattress is returned to Slumberbox in its original carton UNOPENED.

PLEASE Make sure that you verify the size you wish to order to avoid delays and extra costs.

100 Night Comfort Guarantee:

Please Note: A Mattress is NOT a Medical Device. A new mattress may alleviate some conditions, but it will not cure your physical ailments.

The 100 day comfort guarantee starts when you receive your Slumberbox mattress. As any new mattress will feel different from what you may have previously had we require that you try the mattress for at least 21 days before requesting a return under our Comfort Guarantee. Replacement mattresses do not start a new 100 day period. The balance of days remaining on your original Comfort Guarantee will be applied to any replacement. Returns, Exchanges, and refunds will only be made to the person named on the original invoice.

10 Year Manufacturers Warranty:

Your Slumberbox mattress is subject to a 10 year Manufacturers warranty against any manufacturing defect that may become apparent during the life of the mattress during normal wear and use. This includes: Collapse or degradation of the foam of more than 1 ½ inches (It is normal for a foam mattress to soften slightly over time, and frequently when you get out of bed you may see an indentation, but it is normal for this to recover after you have left the bed) Any defect in the material covering the mattress including the zipper. (Please note – The zipper is used for manufacture only. DO NOT try to remove the cover as this will void your warranty)

Stains, burns, cuts or watermarks of any kind on the mattress or cover not related to the original manufacturer of your mattress will void your warranty. We highly recommend that you keep your mattress covered with a waterproof mattress cover at all times.

Damage due to an improperly supported mattress will void your warranty.

You must have proof of purchase (your original receipt) to make a claim under the Manufacturers Warranty or The Comfort Guarantee. Slumberbox will not charge you to repair or replace any defect deemed to be a manufacturers defect by Slumberbox. Transportation costs incurred are the responsibility of the purchaser.