It feels like the word luxury has been lost in its overuse. So many things are billed as luxury goods and luxury experiences in the day and age of social media and one-upmanship that it seems luxury is getting lost in the shuffle. How do you define luxury? The standard definition is that luxury is the state of great comfort and that it often refers to extravagant living. At Slumberbox, we believe that you can have a luxury sleep without the bells and whistles of an otherwise lavish life, with our dual-sided memory foam mattress. Here is how we define luxury and why we think everyone deserves a luxurious night’s sleep.

Highest Quality Products

When you think of luxury, you think of a high-quality product made from great things. At Slumberbox, our mattresses are made from foam with no latex, so there is no chance of allergic reaction or the development of an allergy due to exposure. We also make our mattresses without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, and our mattresses are have low VOC (volatile organic compound) emission. Our foam mattresses are safe and feature three types of foam for your optimal comfort levels. On either side of the mattress is the outer layer of 2″ Breezy Foam to relieve your pressure points and prevent overheating, and in the middle, there is a plush layer of 3″ foam and a firm layer of 3″ foam so that you can flip the mattress to be perfect for you.

Natural Products

Luxury mattresses tend to be made from natural products, which are often more expensive, but better quality options than synthetic materials. Slumberbox mattresses are made out of a core of soy-based foam. Making our products out of soy foam means that it is safer for you and still wonderfully comfortable. We do not cut cost, the reason you save is that there is no intermediary, you buy directly from us, and there is no brick and mortar store we must pay for.

The Highest Degree of Comfort

Luxury mattresses are the most comfortable on the market. They offered unwavering support, no motion transfer if your partner gets up in the night or tosses and turns, and you will always wake up refreshed and ready for your day. For anyone who has back pain, a luxury mattress can help alleviate pain that built up during the day and keep pain from building up at night during sleep.

Fair Policies

Luxury mattress companies know that you will fall in love with their products. As a result, they often have incredibly fair policies when it comes to returning products and great quality warranties. At Slumberbox we have a 100-night comfort guarantee so that you can return your mattress for a full refund. We also offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Your mattress will last.

Luxury with a Slumberbox Mattress

If you are looking for a luxury boxed mattress then Slumberbox should be your top choice. Our Canadian made mattress is made of high-quality foam and delivered right to your door in a convenient box. Browse our site and contact us today.


All credit goes to SlumberBox – Canadian Made 2-Sided Dual Foam Mattress