We all have unique personality traits and our individualities continue as we rest, and are reflected in our sleeping positions. What do your sleeping positions say about you? Scroll through to find out!

Fetal Position

Fetal is the most common sleep positions among people and involves us sleeping on our sides with our legs curled up. Majority of the people find the sleep style extremely comfortable. People who sleep in this position are claimed to be sensitive and timid people with a tough outer persona.


Yearner involves us sleeping our sides with our arms stretched out in front of us. This position is also one of the most common ones among people. Studies have revealed that people who sleep in yearner position are warm and inviting towards other people. In contrast, they also have trust issues and are always suspicious and cynical of others. Yearners are also characterized as slow decision makers but once made they firmly stand by their choices.


People who sleep in a log position lie on their side and have their arms and legs extended straight by their sides. Log sleepers are known to be sociable people who like engaging with other people. They are trusting individuals who can at times also be very gullible.


This position entails a person sleeping on their backs with their arms straight down on their sides, similar to the military stance. This sleeping position is one of the least standard positions; however, people who sleep in this stance describe it as an extremely comfortable position. Soldier sleepers are recognized to take themselves very seriously and live structured lives. They possess high expectations from themselves and people around them.


These sleepers lie on their stomachs while sleeping and turn their heads to either side while resting their hands underneath the pillow. Freefall sleepers are characterized as being free-spirited personalities. They are outgoing people but are also often internally nervous and sensitive towards criticism.


This position is characterized by people lying on their backs with legs stretched out and arms by their heads. Starfish sleepers are considered to loyal friends who prioritize their companions, listen to their problems, and are of help whenever needed.

Soldier Starfish

Some people combine the soldier and starfish positions and sleep on their backs while keeping their relaxation balanced between the toughness of the soldier stance and flexibility of the starfish. These sleepers are identified as flexible people who know how to go with the flow and are also persuaded easily by others.

Pillow Hugger

People who sleep while hugging their pillow are considered to place importance on personal bonds in their lives, including family, friends, and relationships. They are usually people-pleasers, who take pleasure in helping others.

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