Your sleeping positions say a lot about you. Sleep experts say that sleeping on your back puts you in the strong, successful, confident bracket. Sleeping on your stomach classifies you as a fun, playful and idealistic. Sleeping on your side in a fetal position means you are loving and wish to be loved too. But what’s the verdict when you sleep in a certain position with a partner? How do you know if there’s any truth in it?

Body language expert, Patti Wood, who has over 30 years of experience in this topic and has authored the book “Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language,” explains that the subconscious mind takes over in our sleep and rules our body language. It can be quite telling if you know how to read the language. You may not speak your mind when you are awake but in deep sleep, your actions rule your words. Sleep experts and psychologists couldn’t agree more. After several studies, they have identified the eight most popular sleeping positions of a couple and what they mean. Discover more:

8 Common Sleep Positions of Partners and What They Mean

The Spoon Position

This is the fifth most popular sleeping position that is adopted by 18% of couples. It implies that one partner is more protective about the other. Not everything is sweet and innocent in this equation. It also talks about sexual vulnerability, intimacy and possessiveness.

The Loose Spoon Position

This position is more common to mature couples with more years into their relationship. By this stage the desire for deeper, restful sleep overtakes the desire for deeper intimacy. The body is more relaxed, the stance less possessive. While comfort in the relationship is important, the desire for comfortable sleep is more desirable. It is less intimate than the spoon position and more about good quality sleep.

The Chase Position

While this position is similar to spooning, there is a difference. One partner is towards the edge of the bed while the other rolls closer to hold him or her back, quite like a chase. It seems like one partner is in pursuit of the other while the other plays hard to get. It talks about a relationship where one partner is more committed to the relationship while the other seeks space.

The Tangle Position

Tangle is reminiscent of the tango dance where the partners are intimately entangled. It is not as popular as the spoon. It is usually prevalent in new relationships where intense emotions are at play. It also talks about a couple who are too interdependent and find it hard to stay apart.

The Unraveling Knot

This starts with the tangle position but ends up “untangled” after a few minutes. Interestingly, this position is healthier and stronger than the tangle position. Surprisingly, only 8% of couples sleep this way. It reflects a good balance between intimacy and independence.

The Liberty Position

Do you and your partner turn away from each other, keeping a lot of space between you? That’s the Liberty position and pretty healthy too. This signifies a couple that is connected but not dependent on each other. They are secure and close but respect their own space too. About 27% of couples sleep this way.

The Nuzzle

This is a popular position that is fairly common to both new and mature couples where one partner rests their head on the other’s chest and the legs are intertwined. It reflects a nurturing relationship with a high level of trust connecting the two.

Space Hoggers

If one partner is sprawled out pushing the other towards the edge of the bed, it talks about unbalanced dynamics between the two. The “starfish” sleeper who is sprawled out is believed to be self-centred and dominates the partner. Those with their head closer to the headboard are more confident and dominant than those with their head further away.

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