When you need a new bed, one of the decisions you’ll have to come to is what size mattress you want to get. The most significant factors involved in this choice are the size of the space, how many people will be sleeping in the bed, and the cost. There are pros and cons to each option, and if you have a partner, whether or not you want more cuddle time or comfort will be a significant deciding factor. We at slumberbox want you to sleep well, and having the right type and size of mattress will make all the difference in a restful night.

Measure Twice

When you’re looking to buy a new mattress one of the first things you’ll have to take into consideration is the size of your space. You’ll want to take proper measurements of the space. While you can usually eyeball if you can only fit a twin mattress in a room, you’ll still want to know if you can fit an extra long twin. When it comes to the differences between a full (or double) mattress versus a queen or king, then it can be harder to eyeball. Measure the space. See what kind of clearance you’ll have on each side of the bed for bedside tables, or if you’ll need to push the bed up against one side of the bedroom. Once you’ve determined what size of mattress will comfortably fit in the space, you’ll hopefully be able to narrow down your choice.

If you’re just one person, then a twin or extra-long twin is perfectly fine for you, but that does not mean you necessarily want to get that size bed. While great for kids, they aren’t very practical for an adult. You want to invest in a bed that you can keep for years, and so if you’re single, you’ll want to be buying at least a double mattress. When you’re trying to decide between a double, queen, and king with your partner you have to take into consideration how each of you sleeps. If you’re okay with cuddling up close then a double will work, but if you like your space at all then a queen is the smallest size you should go with, and if your partner is an active sleeper than a king might be right for you.

Cost is a factor when choosing a mattress as well. There is around a $700 difference between a twin and a king-sized mattress. Budgeting out what you can afford does become important, though it is worth noting that a mattress is an investment. You will be sleeping on a mattress every day for at least ten years. If you purchase slumberbox’s queen-sized mattress at $1,088.00 and use it for ten years, then you’re only paying thirty cents a day for a good night’s sleep! Cost is important, but so is your comfort over the next ten years.

No matter what size of mattress suits you, the day of springs has passed. It’s time to upgrade your mattress. The two-sided foam mattresses at SlumberBox offer the perfect level of comfort and support. Our Canadian brand guarantees to give you the best night sleep you’ve ever had, and we have a 100 Night Comfort Guarantee as part of our commitment to you. Buy one of our mattresses today, and we promise that you’ll love it!